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Slice is a new form of Streamed Interactive Media that enables more immersive and engaging social marketing applications than passive gameplay trailers or gameplay videos.


Publishers, Developers, Gamers, and influencers can record, edit, and share derivative UGC Slices with friends, and followers, giving Slices a powerful social marketing effect that transcends passive game trailers.


The way people discover, and play games is fundamentally changing. Community and influencer sentiment will increasingly dictate the success or failure of new titles. Slices will provide publishers and creators with the tools to manage how their content is experienced and enjoyed within the community.

Publishers & Creators

GPEG streams the game engine content itself, not video of the gameplay. GPEG avoids the latency, and compression issues of video-based cloud gaming platforms (such as Stadia), delivering a higher quality experience at a much lower cost.


Slices support the digital property rights of all creators in the chain. From game publishers to streamers, creators retain fair fractional ownership through embedded smart contracts and token-based entitlements designed to work with the publisher’s existing currency and with public exchanges for digital content. 



A new category of content for game publishers and creators that will reshape social media and streaming in games.