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Slices are instantly accessible pieces of game content that can be viewed, played, and recorded. Slices can easily be shared as immersive and interactive experiences that allow fans to not only view but play what they see.


​Most importantly, a slice is part of the game. Publishers and developers control the scope of a Slice. They decide on the nature of the experience they wish to create - a re-playable preview showcasing key parts of the game, a view into upcoming expansions, or a place for player to show off their best moments. Slices are served from our site,​


​Publishers/Developers control and manage the available content: provides a centralized location to provide early, controlled access to game experiences. Publishers and developers can manage what and when content becomes available to community influencers in support of the game launch and live operation strategies.

Instant online engagement via preview Slices:

Publishers and developers can create interactive preview Slices of gameplay that can be accessed online instantly by gamers. This creates the opportunity for new forms of marketing that transcend game trailers and gameplay videos.


Frictionless influencer engagement:

Preview Slices give publishers a new way for influencers to promote games. Without requiring a download, influencers can play the content that publishers choose, record their play-throughs, and share with friends and followers either as playable Slices or as passive VODs via their preferred platforms.

A new creator-friendly ecosystem for UGC:

By giving users new ways to discover, create, and share fully interactive gaming experiences while retaining complete control over the scope of Slices, Concurrents enables a UGC ecosystem that prioritizes game ownership and gives publishers and developers  greater strategic control over the reception of their game. But, unlike video, Slices allow gamers and influencers to enhance their UGC with cinematic camera moves, slow-motion, and other effects that are not possible with video.


Drive sales conversion: 


Marketing games is becoming increasingly expensive and competitive. With preview Slices, publishers and developers can quickly convert a gamer from discovering to instantly trying and ultimately, buying the game.


Slices allow users to instantly go from viewing to playing, providing a more immersive and engaging experience than the purely passive 2D video experiences from sites like Twitch and YouTube. 


Slice Installer


Slices allow users to begin game play virtually immediately by streaming sub asset packets directly to the player's computer. As with video and other forms of game  streaming, the technology relies on a client to receive, translate, and present the stream to the player.

When using GPEG, the technology behind slices, the “client” is actually a slimmed down instance of a game client with a small change made to enable GPEG streaming.


The following outlines the steps to install the Slice client to enable game play within a Slice:


Users start from After the user clicks a slice, the site tests to see if a Slice game client is installed and either initiates the installation or begins streaming selected content immediately.


If nothing is installed, the small Slice game client is downloaded over the web via HTTP. Once the installation begins, the user is promoted to accept the installation.


The installation itself is only around 180MB and finishes in seconds. The installed game client starts up the game, triggering the GPEG API to begin retrieving game assets. The API begins streaming from the Slice CDN that stores  the game content for the selected title.


While the browser isn’t essential to the slice experience, a web interface provides an easy way to navigate and discover slices on the website. Once the initial install is complete, each game slice can be selected on the site and streamed to the player’s computer within seconds.


Once the game starts, players have complete control over the game using the standard controls appropriate to the game.


That’s it! You’ve gone from having nothing installed to running the Slice game client locally and being ready to stream in under 30 seconds.


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