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Meet the Concurrents leadership team

John Scott

VP Engineering

John has been developing game technology and games for the past 30 years and has been involved in some of the most popular franchises. He hopes to follow his passion for at least another 20.

He has a wide variety of skills from various assembler languages, C, C++, UE4, C#, SQL, and a smidgeon of MVC for his personal website.

Before work on GPEG technology at Concurrents, he worked at Epic games on the Gears of War trilogy and Unreal Tournament 3. In the UK, he was part of a small development company that created several games on various platforms including the Amiga, SNES, and Playstation 1.

After moving to the US in the 90s, he worked on the Soldier of Fortune and Quake franchises at Raven Software in Wisconsin. In his spare time, he dabbles in some crypto currency trading and mining, is an avid fan of Middle Earth and the Tolkien universe, and spends quality time with his boys at Boy Scout events.

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