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Meet the Concurrents leadership team

Tom Schofield

VP, Chief Product Officer

Tom Schofield has worked in early-stage startups in the games industry and related digital entertainment fields for over 15 years. As the VP of Product, Tom is responsible for setting the vision for Concurrents product suite and working closely with the company’s engineering teams to create the services built on top of our GPEG technology.

Prior to joining Concurrents, Tom was CEO at, one of the early companies in the esports space. While at Smash, Tom was responsible for building relationships with game publishers and for the eventual sale of the company to Microsoft in December 2020.

Prior to working at, Tom was COO at High Fidelity VR, where he was responsible for building out that company’s nascent marketplace for the sale of blockchain-backed user created content.

Tom began his career in games at COO of Three Rings Design, one of the first free-to-play game companies in the US, where he was responsible for live operations of the company’s Facebook titles and for two massively multiplayer games, including launching the MOBA Spiral Knights on Steam as one of the first free to play games added to that platform.

After selling Three Rings to SEGA Networks in 2011, Tom worked for three years as SEGA Networks’ VP of Corporate Development managing M&A and the selection of SEGA games to be funded for launch in the US and Europe.

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